Demo (Summer 2007)

by Arms Aloft

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All revenue from sales of Arms Aloft digital music from now til whenever will be forwarded on to the comrades at the ACLU. Thanks, on their behalf!

This is our self-recorded demo from 2007. It's 5 of the first songs we ever wrote. Line-up at this point was Seth singing and playing guitar, Matt K. playing bass and singing, Tyler McCormick playing guitar and Alex playing drums. We burned a hundred copies or so and they were gone real quick after a few local shows. Dig it if you haven't heard it.


released July 1, 2007



all rights reserved


Arms Aloft Eau Claire, Wisconsin

We are four young men from Wisconsin who hold down often-times dreary jobs. Our favorite haunt is a modified factory floor in the industrial sector of our hometown, where we practice, record songs, and make plans. We've put out a couple of records and toured at home and in Europe. We really want to play in your town. ... more


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Track Name: Dreams Are Dogs That Die In Their Kennels
I have my reasons
I have my weapons
four great black wheels
crushing stone for miles
as long as the lies
that I tried to lead
so live and die
for something sure
in purpose as strong as fate
we are eternity
we are everything
we are the fucking saints
the bastard sons of boredom
Dreams are dogs
Begging straight from starving hands
That's a lesson learned:
You can't steal a meal from a desperate man
so keep swinging
if this is just one more
dog for their pile
I swear
I'll drag it every inch
with every dime and hour
and I hope you really love her
and I hope he grows up strong
because I know now more than ever
that time won't wait, for anything
too slow, too slow too slow
yeah in the back of my mind it shows
that failure comes and youth it goes
"I know I know I know"
Track Name: Content With Discontent (The Great Defeatist)
They pegged me defeated, I am not yet defeated
They threw me out with the old newsprint
And now I’m begging to be forgiven
For not finding an idea worth livin'
I'll find my place I'm dropping out
They declared me defeated, I will not be defeated
Don't throw me out with the old newsprint
Why am I begging for forgiveness
For not finding a meaning in this?
I found my place with the dropping outs
I found a home with the dropping outs
Well the dust hadn’t settled from the midterm elections
When they carved out a script,
in the state’s best stone. Lean in close, give a look
It says “I’m dreaming
of being shut in, With the rest of the people
just dying to give in”
...dying to give in...
It’s all irrelevant.
And I'm sick to fuckin death of it never being quite enough
It's all irrelevant
I won't let it defeat me. I can't let this defeat me.
Track Name: Torn Apart on a Digital Sea
And you can barely start before you’re torn apart
it’s like the bottom drops out in static
and my mind just reels, it sweats in the face of a nuclear age
They waited on forgiveness and I just called it boredom
you and I are going nowhere today
Waiting on waiting on waiting on waiting on another fucking wait
You got your keys and your jacket.
What are you out for?
Parties in cornfields and junkyards
while the luddites, sing “kill me,” like protest songs
I’m wide awake and singing
Little digital holes
in the ship you’re going down with
try to scream but there's no sound
when your lungs are filled with static
I'm singing you to sleep...
You... Just for you...
I'm nuclear.
I’m only here for you
Track Name: Two-For-Ones at the Gothic Castle
Stumbling through another song for the assholes
in the back of the bar,
Arms crossed, eyes rolled back
like they can't believe this is where they are
pickin the bands and their friends
and the rest of this town apart
While they sip $10 drinks
with names stolen from an Ellington charts
This won't make me a living
It'll make you smile/cry/blush/something at best
But when 'at best' is at its best
I have a tendency to forget the rest
Cause out in the open
Or just stuck in my chest
These songs haven't learned
how to sing themselves just yet
If you are the only one listening
That's all I'll ever need
As long as you keep listening
That's everything to me
If it's alright
I need those brown eyes
To keep me going tonight